With the COVID-19 virus looming over everyone, and wanting to keep everyone safe, the Harvest Event Committee decided that this year’s event will be cancelled. However, we still would like to demonstrate to the community the appreciation we have for all their support in the past, and hopefully again in the future.  With that in mind, the Committee has decided to purchase gift certificates from local businesses and distribute them to the public as a thank you.  This would show our appreciation to everyone, as well as help keep our local businesses operating.  We are hoping to do this on the day that the event would have taken place, September 26, 2020.

With the thought of sharing with the community in mind, the Committee members were also wondering if members of the congregation might also like to contribute towards this event.  There have been several generous monetary contributions towards the prizes for the raffle in the past, and we are wondering if any members would consider contributing those funds towards gift certificates this year. 

If any members are interested in contributing, 
please contact Norene Giese at (920) 609-2716 or Deb Heling at (920) 609-4136.